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Please read this important information before gambling or performing any Interactive gambling or online betting at any online casino and or any online betting facility, as it is your responsibility to ensure online gambling or online betting is legal in your state/province and or country of residence.

IP Block

In some cases online casinos/betting websites may have an IP block on their website/s, which will determine through your IP address, your country/state or province and therefore block you from accessing their website/s, if it is the case that your country/state or province deems online gambling and or betting illegal. If the online casino/betting website/s does not have an IP Block, you should not take it for granted that online gambling and or betting is therefore, legal.

Gambling And Betting

This website disclaimer is for and general online gambling and online betting information purposes. You can not gamble on this website. You can not initiate or perform or request any financial transactions on this website, namely


Online/interactive Gambling may be illegal in certain jurisdictions, states, provinces and or countries. We cannot determine the legal status of online/interactive gambling for each website visitor. We would suggest that you check with your local authorities before gambling and or betting online. We also have no control as to the Registration, Country, jurisdiction, location of any person/s who partake in online/interactive gambling and you therefore do so at your own risk.

Website Information And Marketing

We will attempt to keep all our information as accurate and up to date as possible. The online casinos and or online betting websites that we advertise do, however, make changes to their bonus offers and their terms and conditions. Rearly will any online casino or online betting website, be bound by the terms and conditions of an outdated advertisement or promotion. We can not be held liable or responsible for any outdated or inaccurate information on this website,

We therefore, strongly advise and recommend, that you check through the online casino and or betting website/s before attempting to deposit money and or open any online casino/betting account, to ascertain the online casinos/betting current terms and conditions, and or promotions are indeed valid.

Ratings, Reviews And Votes

This websites ratings, reviews and voting software is as accurate as the system software tests allow and is tested randomly or, every 14 days or after every software upgrade.

All ratings, reviews and voting is done by unknown person/s who are not in anyway affiliated or connected to this website. The ratings, reviews and voting is in place to assist players who wish to play online at an online casino or betting website. By simply reading the reviews, looking at the ratings and votes of any particular online casino/betting website that we market or advertise, a person (Person, shall be refered to as a player and a player is deemed to be a person or individual who plays online casino games with real money in return for real money at an online casino or betting website) or player, should quickly be in a position to make a decision weather they like or dislike a particular online casino or betting website.

Whilst the ratings, reviews and voting may assist you and or a player, with the choice of which online casino or betting website you would like to sign up with and or, open an online casino/betting account, including the placing of bet/s and or wagering, we remind you that, you, or the player, do so at your/their own risk and all ratings, reviews and votes shall be deemed to be a guide only and not as actual Fact and or True.

From time to time, it may be necessary for the website administrator, to answer questions and or provide written assistance to any review in question and shall answer or assist as "ADMINISTRATOR".

The Administrator reserves the right to remove any review/post, without any from of notification or explaination whatsoever. The adminstrator reserves the right to remove the entire Rating and or Review and or Voting software or altogether, from the website should the software become defunked and or corupt and or compromised, without notification or explanation whatsoever.

Reviews And Your Email Address

In order to post a review, your email address must be completed in the appropriate field as required. All email addresses are securely stored and encrypted, we respect your privacy and the irritating annonance of spam emails so we do not pass over or sell email addresses to any third party. We need to ensure that the reviews written for our clients are of the human nature and not spambots.

South African Online Gambling

The current status is that interactive gambling from within the Republic of South Africa is illegal. Whilst we promote the Rand currency - this is for players outside of South African borders wishing to gamble in Rands. Furthermore - In terms of the Exchange Control Rules, it is illegal for South African residents to participate in foreign lotteries, sweepstakes and betting organizations.

South African Rand Currency - ZAR

Our advertising of the South African Rand (Zar) currency is intended for those countries trading/utilising the South African Rand (Zar) currency and for use by person/s outside of South African Borders. The Rand (Zar) currency is not for use by person/s residing in South Africa to partake in online/interactive gambling.

The only legal forms of gambling in South Africa as per the National Gambling Board notice number: 002/2007 - 16 April 2007 are the following:

1) Betting/wagering with licensed operators.
2) Online betting or wagering is permitted with licensed operators.
3) Bingo conducted by licensed operators within the Republic.
4) Casino land based gambling conducted by licensed operators within the Republic.
5) Limited payout machines conducted by licensed operators.

Legal Gambling Age

It is illegal for persons under 18 years of age to gamble.

Player Identification

This site and in accordance with all Online Casinos privacy policy/terms and conditions, does not obtain or have any access to any player/s identification or casino account details. This is private information kept by the online casino only.

Gambling Problem

There are a number of signs that indicate problem gambling. One of The biggest signs is when you find yourself losing more than you can afford to lose. Your online casino can help by locking your account, (you can email them to request this ) If you think you may have a problem, find the support you need at the links below:

Gamblers Anonymous -
National Council on Problem Gambling -


We have used whatever means we have at our disposal to try and list only those online casinos/betting websites who have the ability to honor their commitments. We don't have insight into their financial status and thus will not be held liable for their actions.


We are totally independent to any of the online casino/s, nor do we have any ownership or share holding/s with any online casino/s. Should you experience difficulty in your dealings with any of the casinos listed, we will happily provide whatever support at our disposal in an effort to resolve your dispute.

Online Casino And Betting Websites Rules

We remind you that online casinos/betting websites have terms and conditions/rules and that it is your responsibility to familiarize yourself with their rules before playing there.

Welcome Bonus

Almost all online Casinos/betting websites offer new players a welcome bonus. There is a play through requirement that the player must play before the player may cash in. The play through requirement will vary from casino to casino, we therefore advise you to read all terms and conditions including any terms and conditions relating to play through requirements adn or bonuses.

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